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Open Air Events

Open Air Events encompass all outdoor programs contracted with the City of Norfolk and managed by SevenVenues, with a focus on contributing to Norfolk’s quality of life. Events like Pridefest, Caribfest, Norfolk Harbor Half Marathon and many more have been designed to enhance tourism, provide an economic benefit to local businesses, promote cultural diversity and provide affordable entertainment in an outdoor setting. Open Air Events was established in 2016 as a merger between the City of Norfolk’s SevenVenues and Norfolk’s Special Events Team.

An Open Air Event is any organized activity involving the use of, or having an impact on, public property, sidewalks, parks or streets in a manner that varies from current land use or requires a permit. These requests are managed by SevenVenues, the City of Norfolk’s entertainment bureau.

Interested in unconventional spaces and endless possibilities? Email SevenVenues at sevenvenues@norfolk.gov for assistance or to schedule a meeting. For information on permits, equipment rental and much more, click here