• Thu, Oct 1, 8:00pm
  • Chrysler Hall
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Thu, Oct 1, 8:00pm

Max Major
Remote Control: A Mind Reading Experiment

He controlled Heidi Klum’s mind on Zoom. Simon Cowell called him a “demon.” He has performed astonishing feats on stages from Las Vegas to New York to London, and now Max Major is bringing his shocking ability to get inside your head through the screen in Remote Control: A Virtual Mind Reading Experiment. When it’s over, we’re pretty sure you’ll be calling him amazing!

Not just a show, Remote Control is truly a hands-on experience. The intrigue kicks off before the show even begins when each household receives a specially curated package in the mail—the contents of which cannot be revealed until Max gives the word. From there, the fun continues as Max unleashes real-life Jedi mind tricks on unsuspecting participants who soon discover that yes, he really does know exactly what you’re thinking!

An expert in body language, influence, and reading people, Max Major has been called before two Department of Defense Intelligence Agencies to demonstrate his innovative techniques, earning him the reputation as “the human lie detector” along the way.

Following appearances on the TODAY show and America’s Got Talent, as well as dozens of viral videos that have stunned millions across the internet, this “real-life Sherlock Holmes” shares his uncanny ability to predict thoughts and control the actions of others through this intimate and fully interactive journey.

Max Major illuminates stages wherever he goes, and now he’s coming to the best stage of all – yours! – for this virtual limited engagement.

Remote Control is incredible and unforgettable family-friendly fun for all to enjoy.

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