Oct 4 - 27, 2019

Generic Theater

Written by William Shakespeare

Arguably the darkest play Shakespeare ever wrote, Macbeth explores the inner struggle born of ambition and loyalty, duty and avarice, and even success and guilt. The Warrior and Thane Macbeth has just routed King Duncan’s enemies and is rewarded but, the Witches have promised him more. They have prophesized a crown for Macbeth and, when he is passed over for the Kings eldest son his mind turns to what could be and what should be.

Lady Macbeth, still mourning the loss of their only child, seizes upon the prophecy of the witches but understands that Macbeth himself may not see what she knows to be clear. Out of love or loss, her new-found purpose emboldens her to be the strength of will her husband may lack. Together they embark on their quest to rule regardless of cost.

Free will or predetermination, destiny or manipulation, what is it that points us to whatever end ultimately finds us? Why not ask the Witches?

Directed by Miguel Girona

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